We turn ideas into new products, services & businesses.

IDEAL is a startup studio in Truckee, CA

We're a company that creates new companies.

Whether launching our own ideas or working in partnership with entrepreneurs and existing organizations, we turn ideas into realities. We're generalists who love problem solving. We get things done using our backgrounds as designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, strategists, and leaders.We believe in building real businesses. We create products and services that customers love and are willing to pay for. We also believe all businesses, from local mom-and-pops to digital giants, should be symbiotic—filling the space that is better for them and better for the world.

We're actively building the ideal future we wish existed.

Join us.

Who we work with

New Founders

Founders looking for an idea or help getting theirs off the ground.

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Established Companies

Companies looking for a partner to spin out and launch new businesses

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Curious Investors

Investors looking to get involved and fund the next great idea.

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